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Mead Student Council (StuCo) Constitution

Diversity is a part of every organization, operation, and institution. It is found in the minds of those who make it up, in the outfits they wear, the choices they make, and the passions they pursue. As both students and leaders, we, the founders, officers, and members of Student Council, believe this diversity is not only a part of Mead High School, but an essential opportunity for students to discover themselves. The complex and numerous groups of Mead High School, all equal in importance and opinion, truly make the school a better place. In order to pursue, expand, advocate, and organize the diverse nature of the school and the clubs that represent it, we hereby establish Student Council as an organization within the walls of the school and the surrounding community as a vessel for the creation, registration, and operation of clubs and organizations.

  • Club Creation
    • Student Council Start-Up Program
      • Student Council is to have an operating Club Start-Up Program with an officer dedicated to running it. The program must be available to any student or student group with serious interest in establishing a new organization or club at Mead High School. This application must include the student/group’s name, a description of his/her/their proposed club, a signature from the staff member who has agreed to act in the role of the club advisor, and a document containing at least ten signatures (in pen, preferably blue or black ink) of those interested or willing to attend the club. If these requirements are met and the documents are turned in, Student Council is to assist in advertising (assisting in making posters, writing announcements, and adding the organization to the Student Council Newsletter), communication with administration, and discussion between the proposed organization and the Assembled Student Body. To the best of his/her ability, the officer assigned to this role will work to support, guide, and assist all groups sincerely seeking the creation of a club.
    • Special Circumstances
      • All organizations that do not meet the required signatures, are missing information, or seem to lack sincerity in their establishment are to be voted on by the Student Council Officers. A super majority (66%) must be reached in order for the organization to continue on in the process of establishment.
  • Club Registration
    • Attendance
      • All organizations and clubs at Mead High School, regardless of size or meeting times, must have an assigned Student Council representative. This representative must attend every meeting. If unable to attend due to academic or personal circumstances, the representative must notify the Student Council Officer board no later than a week from the next meeting if the situation was a planned absence. Situations outside the description of planned absences are excusable. Attendance is to be kept and documented by the Documentarian. All representatives are to have an official Student Council membership card, which includes the club he/she represents and his/her name. All representatives must show their cards to be marked for attendance.
    • Failure to Attend
      • If a club representative fails to attend a meeting without communication to the Officer Board, a letter of absence is to be given to the advisor. If the representative misses two meetings without prior communication, a second letter is to be sent to the advisor, as well as the club being visited by an officer to quickly talk to the student. If a third meeting is missed without excuse, the representative must either talk to the Vice President on the issue or have his/or membership revoked, in which a new representative for the club is to be selected. 
  • Club Operation
    • Club Index
      • Along with the Associated Student Body, Student Council is to maintain an index of clubs at Mead High School. This involves a Club description, meeting attendance, and officers within the club. This information is to be submitted by clubs at both the beginning and end of the Fall and Spring Semester.
  • Advertisement
    • Student Council is to issue a club activity bulletin every other week, posted/sent out the first day of the school week.This bulletin is to include the dates of upcoming athletic events, school activities, fundraisers, and club meetings.This bulletin letter is to be sent to all teachers, club advisors, counselors, and club council representatives.
  • Meetings
    • Officer Meetings
      • Officers are to hold an officer-only meeting at least once a month to discuss matters.
    • Meeting Times
      • Student Council meetings are to take place starting the first Wednesday and third Wednesday of each month. The first Council meeting is to take place on the second week of school. If school is not in session on the first or third week of the month, then it is to be moved to the week after it. 
  • Officers
    • Officer Roles
      • The officers to hold position in Student Council shall be:
        • President - In charge of running meetings, setting officer meeting times, and communicating with administration. Also must work to keep other officers accountable.
        • Vice President - Assists the President. Runs meetings if the president is absent.
        • Documentarian - Takes minutes of every meeting, runs attendance, and works with the CRO in the organization of the Club Index.
        • Club Relations Officer (CRO) - Communicates with clubs and organizes the club bulletin. Works with Documentarian in compiling the Club Index.
        • Public Relations Officer (PRO) - In charge of advertising to students outside of clubs. Designs posters advertising club meetings, writes announcements for over the intercom.
        • Club Coordinator - Organizes club meetings. Sets agenda with the President. Makes sure all materials are prepared, including meeting agendas and fresh attendance sheets.
        • Start-Up Advisor - Works directly with new clubs, proposed clubs. Look to Section IA for a full description.
  • Officer Appointment
    • All new officers are to be selected by the officers holding the position at the time of the election. The group may ask for suggestions from administration, advisors, and teachers, but they must ultimately assemble the list. Before any other officers, the proposed President must be interviewed by the current Principal and the current Student Council President. If this officer is approved, the list is then to be submitted to the Principal or a Vice Principal and be approved. If a certain proposed officer fails to meet the requirements or rejects the position offer, then the current officers must find a new nominee. New officers are to take office in the last meeting of the year, taking the Club Council oath. 
  • Officer Requirements And Removal
    • All Student Council officers must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, attend Mead High School full-time, and respect all staff and administration. Any officer who fails to maintain a 3.0 GPA, attends Mead part-time, receives disciplinary action from the school equal or greater to any form of suspension, or violates a school code of conduct either inside or outside of school premises is to be removed from his/her position, and a new officer is to be appointed by the serving President. If it was the President removed, then the Vice President is to assume the role, and a Vice President is then to be appointed.