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Panther PACE

Panther PACE Slip


Mead High School partners with PACE to inspire and support exceptional character through education, community partnerships and recognition. PACE began in 2009 in Spokane Valley to promote the importance of good character through partnerships with schools, businesses, public agencies, residents, faith-based organizations and community service groups. Working from a common list of monthly character traits, partners promote and integrate each trait into the regular activities of the organization. Each month features a character “trait of the month” which is the focus of a multi-faceted communication, motivation and educational program for an entire month.


When a student receives a PACE ticket, it is an indication that he or she is following expectations; however, it is not enough to simply hand a student a PACE ticket. When a teacher sees a student following our expectations, he or she states the expectation the student is following and hands the student a PACE ticket. At the beginning of the year especially, we use this very liberally to reinforce our expectations and character traits.

Students who receive a PACE ticket should place their ticket into the Panther PACE drawing box in the office (at the attendance window).

On Fridays, (or the last day of the school week), the office calls for all PACE tickets to be brought to the office.  ASB will draw 4-8 tickets.  The students’ names are announced to the whole school. Those students then come to the office to receive items to recognize their achievement, (food coupon or some other item). The Principal gathers them together and takes their picture so that it can be displayed on the school monitor.