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How to Watch

Mead High School Home Events will be streamed from our NFHS Pixellot Cameras that are currently in our main gym and at Union Stadium.  

Away games at sites that have similar streaming capability will also be broadcast on NFHS and some schools may be sharing links (YouTube, facebook, etc.) for other viewing options. 

  • Go to
  • For a "Mead" Schedule, type Mead High School in the Search at the top of the page, and make sure you choose 'Mead High School - Spokane WA.'
  • You can either look at all the Events scheduled or sort by sport
  • At this time, parents would need to purchase a subscription to view the games
  • To purchase a subscription, Click the SUBSCRIBE link (upper right)
  • Purchase a Pass
  • $11.00 / month. OR  $70.00 / year