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Athletics Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Mead High School Hall of Fame is to recognize former outstanding teams, student-athletes, coaches, faculty and Mead community members who have made significant contributions to Mead High School and the Mead community.  Our goal is to formally perpetuate the memory of those teams, student-athletes, coaches, faculty and supporters who have brought distinction, honor and excellence to Mead High School.

Hall of Fame Criteria

  • Graduated / Retired from Mead High School at least 10 years prior (Exceptions approved by committee)
  • A person may be nominated more than once
  • Nominations are considered for 3 years
  • Nominee must possess outstanding moral character
  • A maximum of four candidates will be inducted each year (Exceptions approved by selection committee)
  • HOF recognition may be given posthumously
Hall of Fame Induction image

For a Nomination Form - Click Here.