Mead High School
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Mead High Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-7000  |  Fax: 509-465-7020  |  Attendance Line: 509-465-7004 (24hrs)

Principal: Jeff Naslund [email protected] 509-465-7000
Assistant Principal: Coretta Hoffman [email protected] 509-465-7025
Assistant Principal: Rick Pelkie [email protected] 509-465-7013
Assistant Principal: Ray Picicci [email protected] 509-465-7005

Principal's Administrative Assistant:

Melissa McDonald [email protected] 509-465-7003

First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Steve Acosta Science Teacher [email protected] 7042
Quantae Anderson Health and Fitness Teacher [email protected] 7122
Lisa Anwar DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7066
Andy Arnold Career and Technical Education Teacher [email protected] 7129/7153
Denise Arnold Counseling  Administrative Assistant [email protected] 7112/7027
Barb Baggett DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Dorothy Baldwin Music Teacher & High School Orchestra Programs [email protected] 7137
Matthew Banger Art Teacher [email protected] 7131
John Barrington Athletic Director [email protected] 7011
Tammy Barrington Bookkeeper [email protected] 7031
Donald Beloved Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7105
Laura Bergmann Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Amy Bergstrom Science Teacher [email protected] 7038
Greg Bertsch Drama/English Teacher [email protected] 7000
Rick Biggerstaff Math Teacher [email protected] 7143
Shelly Birge Paraeducator [email protected] 7170
Sharon Boblick Resource Room Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Jeannie Boutain LS/RR Paraeducator [email protected] 7127
Monica Bouten English Teacher [email protected] 7168
Mary Brown Cook III [email protected] 7015
Jody Burke Special Education Teacher [email protected] 7012
Makena Busch Yearbook Advisor [email protected] 7130
Brandon Butler Business Teacher [email protected] 7033
Chris Bylow Deputy - Resource Officer [email protected] 7150
Brandon Campbell Band Teacher and Jazz [email protected] 7047
Dorothy Campbell Assistant Manager I [email protected] 7015
Rosemarie Carlson Cook III [email protected] 7015
Sean Carty Health and Fitness Teacher [email protected] 7120
Laurie Chadwick English Teacher [email protected] 7171
Susan Chandler Math Teacher [email protected] 7146
Lynn Coleman Athletics Administrative Assistant [email protected] 7002
Kristine Dailing DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Carol Dever Science Teacher and CTE [email protected] 7050
Heather Dinkuhn Administrative Assistant [email protected] 7007
Tracee Donahoe DLC Teacher [email protected] 7000
Richard Donnelly DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Gunnar Drew Math Teacher [email protected] 7064
Regan Drew Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7064
Mark Eastman Math Teacher [email protected] 7145
Sarah Edmonson Spanish Teacher [email protected] 7079
Mary Epley Manager I [email protected] 7015
Ruth Erb School Nurse [email protected] 688-9132
Melanie Fender Counselor [email protected] 7028
Deanna Ganea Special Education Teacher [email protected] 7068
Leah Graff Math Teacher [email protected] 7113
Adam Green Spanish Teacher [email protected] 7107
Alexandria Griffith Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7023
Kevin Gruen DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Ivan Gustafson Resource Teacher [email protected] 7083
Kristy Guzman Resource Room Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Vernon Hare Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7075
Jody Harkness Counselor [email protected] 7029
Jill Harms Science Teacher [email protected] 7104
Wayne Hartwig DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Sarah Hattenburg CTE Pro Start [email protected] 7085
Mike Haynes Art Teacher [email protected] 7132
Stacy Helton Resource Room Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Katharine Higgns Science Teacher [email protected] 7000
Tessa Hodgson English and Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7123
Coretta Hoffman Assistant Principal [email protected] 7025
Tammy Hubble French Teacher [email protected] 7077
MacKenna Jones DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Luke Jordan English Teacher/Website [email protected] 7072
Tamara Kennedy-Gibbens Spanish and Humanities Teacher [email protected] 7069
Steven Kiesel Health and Fitness Teacher [email protected] 7128
Stephanie Kuest DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Skyler Lamberd Math [email protected] 7142
Chad LaVine Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7063
James Lehr Resource Room Teacher [email protected] 7000
Nicole Leslie Special Education Teacher [email protected] 7059
Robert Lewis Music Teacher and Band Director [email protected] 7047
Morgan Lindquist Science Teacher [email protected] 7054
Ann Lochhead Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7062
Drew Lochhead AP/LIT English Teacher [email protected] 7078
Kelli Lofstedt Food & Wellness [email protected] 7000
Tamra Lombard ISS Paraeducator [email protected] 7157
John Marshall English Teacher [email protected] 7000
Olinda Martin English Teacher [email protected] 7158
William Martin NS Custodian [email protected] 7022
Anna May DLC Teacher [email protected] 7045
Richard McCarty SS Custodian  [email protected] 7000
Jesse McCorkle Science Teacher [email protected] 7032
Carla McKinley Library Paraeducator [email protected] 7044
Emily McKinney Choir Teacher [email protected] 7046
Philip McLean Health and Fitness Teacher [email protected] 7121
Katherine Melka Link Crew/Leadership [email protected] 7166
Dean Miller Jr SS Custodian  [email protected] 7022
John Mires Health and Fitness Teacher [email protected] 7021
Jessica Morse 1:1 Paraeducator [email protected] 7074
Jeff Naslund Principal [email protected] 7010
Angie Neumiller School Nurse [email protected] 7000
Gordon Nyberg SS Custodian [email protected] 7022
Becky O'Neel Spanish Teacher [email protected] 7141
Richard Pelkie Assistant Principal [email protected] 7013
Tami Peterson DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7065
Michael Phillips Counselor [email protected] 7037
Ray Picicci Principal Assistant [email protected] 7005
Beth Pipkin Social Studies / English Teacher [email protected] 7000
Kristal Pride Science Teacher [email protected] 7056
Nichole Proszek DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Kim Ralston Math Teacher [email protected] 7081
Jason Reich German Teacher [email protected] 7048
Mary Reser DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7074
Jen Richards DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7083
Jason Roberts Math and CTE Teacher [email protected] 7102
Keith Ross Math Teacher [email protected] 7108
Kim Ross Cook III [email protected] 7015
Dana Rowan Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7110
Jaime Rowe Science Teacher [email protected] 7000
Gregg Sampson Math Teacher [email protected] 7040
Joseph Schamber Science Teacher [email protected] 7000
Haley Serra Cook III [email protected] 7015
Fred Seidel DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7074
Joel Shawen Math Teacher [email protected] 7109
Thomas Shupp Lead Custodian  [email protected] 7022
Rachel Smith World Languages Teacher [email protected] 7060
Tina Smith Special Education Teacher [email protected] 7127
Kevin Snyder MS Custodian  [email protected] 7000
Kellie Spiger DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Claire Spring English Teacher [email protected] 7000
Linda St. Clair Art Teacher [email protected] 7000
Raymond Starkey 1:1 Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
David Stedman Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7159
Sara Stillian Special Education Teacher [email protected] 7065
Linda Stomps Resource Room Paraeducator [email protected] 7000
Michael Stovern English Teacher [email protected] 7051
Adam Strate Counselor [email protected] 7030
Norma Stroeher DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7074
Randy Swanson SS Custodian  [email protected] 7000
Jason Tebbets Math Teacher [email protected] 7006
Jared Thomas DLC Teacher [email protected] 7000
Colleen Thornton College and Career Counselor [email protected] 7026
Kathleen Tucker Cook III [email protected] 7015
Susan Underwood DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7169
Christopher Waddell Social Studies Teacher [email protected] 7070
Dori Whitford English Teacher [email protected] 7071
Shawn Wilson Science Teacher [email protected] 7076
Keely Wines Paraeducator [email protected] 7073
Denise Zucchetto DLC Paraeducator [email protected] 7000