Mead High School

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Mead High Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-7000  |  Fax: 509-465-7020  |  Attendance Line: 509-465-7004 (24hrs)

Principal: Jeff Naslund 509-465-7000
Assistant Principal Coretta Hoffman 509-465-7025
Assistant Principal Rick Pelkie 509-465-7013
Principal Assistant Ray Picicci 509-465-7005

Administrative Assistant

Renee Anderson 509-465-7003

First Name Last Name Position Email Phone- 465-
Steve Acosta Science Teacher 7042
Quantae Anderson Health and Fitness Teacher 7122
Renee Anderson Administrative Assistant 7003
Lisa Anwar Para Educator 7066
Andy Arnold Career and Technical Education Teacher 7129/7153
Denise Arnold Administrative Assistant 7004
Ryan Arnold English Teacher 7134
Debbie Asterino Administrative Assistant 7112/7027
Petronia Balcheva ELL Teacher 7000
Dorothy Baldwin Music Teacher and Director for Elementary & High School Orchestra Programs 7064
Matthew Banger Art Teacher 7131
John Barrington Athletic Director 7011
Tammy Barrington Administrative Assistant 7002
Kevin Beiers Special Education Teacher 7074
Donald Beloved Social Studies Teacher 7105
Laura Bergmann Para Educator 7000
Amy Bergstrom Science Teacher 7038
Greg Bertsch Drama/English Teacher 7137
Shelly Birge Para Educator 7170
Sharon Boblick Para Educator 7157
Jeannie Boutain Para Educator 7127
Monica Bouten English Teacher 7168
Mary Brown Cook III 7015
Sasha Buckley Spanish Teacher 7067
Jody Burke Special Education Teacher 7012
Makena Busch English Teacher 7130
Brandon Butler Art Teacher 7033
Chris Bylow Deputy - Resource Officer 7150
Brandon Campbell Band Teacher - Elementary and Jazz 7047
Dorothy Campbell Assistant Manager 1 7015
Eloise Cappellano Special Education Teacher 7066
Rosemarie Carlson Cook III 7015
Thea Carter Student Support Specialist 7175
Sean Carty Health and Fitness Teacher 7120
Laurie Chadwick English Teacher 7171
Susan Chandler DLC Teacher 7169
Alice Chapman Special Education Teacher 7058
Harvey Cole Para Educator 7000
Lynn Coleman Para Educator 7138
Beth Collins Social Studies Teacher 7067
Behka Corker Math Teacher 7146
Carol Dever Science Teacher and CTE 7050
Richard Donnelly Para Educator 7000
Mark Eastman Math Teacher 7145
Sarah Edmonson Spanish Teacher 7079
Mary Epley Manager I 7015
Annette Farrell Para Educator 7000
Margaret Farris Cook III 7015
Dan Feldhusen Behavior Technician 7045
Melanie Fender Counselor 7028
Rhonda Fischer Speech/Language Pathologist 7019
Kathryn Fleisher Dance Advisor 7000
Marvin Fortune Custodian III 7022
Deanna Ganea Special Education Teacher 7068
Leah Graff Math Teacher 7144
Laura Gray Science Teacher 7101
Adam Green Spanish Teacher 7107
Alexandria Griffith Social Studies Teacher 7023
Kevin Gruen Para Educator 7000
Ivan Gustafson Resource Teacher 7083
Kristy Guzman Para Educator 7000
Vernon Hare Social Studies Teacher 7075
Jody Harkness Counselor 7029
Jill Harms Science Teacher 7104
Sarah Hattenburg CTE Pro Start 7085
Stacy Helton Para Educator 7000
Kristi Helmer Para Educator 7000
Tessa Hodgson English and Social Studies Teacher 7122
Coretta Hoffman Assistant Principal 7025
Kevin Houston Science Teacher 7041
Tammy Hubble French Teacher 7077
Clint Hull Science Teacher 7042
Tayler Humphrey Para Educator DLC 7000
Kenneth Jelsing Custodian II 7022
Dee Jones Administrative Assistant 7007
Luke Jordan English Teacher 7072
Dale Keiser English Teacher 7113
Debra Kennedy Para Educator 7058
Tamara Kennedy-Gibbens Spanish and Humanities Teacher 7069
Steven Kiesel Health and Fitness Teacher 7128
Judy Kight Health and Fitness Teacher 7123
Del Koch Custodian III 7000
Molly Lamb Math 7143
Skyler Lamberd Math 7142
Chad LaVine Social Studies Teacher 7063
James Lehr Special Education Teacher 7106
Nicole Leslie Special Education Teacher 7059
Robert Lewis Music Teacher and Band Director 7047
Morgan Lindquist Science Teacher 7054
Ann Lochhead Social Studies Teacher 7062
Drew Lochhead AP/LIT English Teacher 7078
Tamra Lombard Para Educator 7157
Mike Luckich Custodian II 7000
Olinda Martin English Teacher 7158
Richard McCarty Custodian II 7000
Jesse McCorkle Science Teacher 7032
Carla McKinley Para Educator 7044
Philip McLean Health and Fitness Teacher 7121
Katherine Melka Health and Fitness Teacher and Cheerleading Advisor 7166
Randy Mickelsen Math and ASB Teacher 7034
Dean Miller Jr Custodian II 7022
John Mires Health and Fitness Teacher 7021
Jessica Morse Para Educator 7074

Jeff Naslund Principal 7010
Gordon Nyberg Custodian II 7000
Sonia O'Connor Administrative Assistant 7001
Megan O'Neil Administrative Assistant 7114
Richard Pelkie Assistant Principal 7013
Tami Peterson Para Educator 7065
Michael Phillips Counselor 7037
Ray Picicci Principal Assistant 7005
Cara Preuss Spanish Teacher 7141
Kristal Pride Science Teacher 7056
Kim Ralston Math Teacher 7081
Seth Regalado Para Educator 7000
Jason Reich German Teacher 7048
Mary Reser Para Educator 7074
Jen Richards Para Educator 7083
Jason Roberts Math and CTE Teacher 7102
Michelle Rogers Administrative Assistant 7031
Keith Ross Math Teacher 7108
Kimberley Ross Cook III 7015
Dana Rowan Social Studies Teacher 7110
Kim Ryan Para Educator 7045
Mike Saccomanno Music Teacher and Choir Director 7046
Gregg Sampson Math Teacher 7040
Rhonda Schalock Science Teacher 7043
Cathy Schiele DLC Teacher 7157
Haley Serra Cook III 7015
Fred Seidel Para Educator 7074
Charlene Shaver Special Education Teacher 7169
Joel Shawen Math Teacher 7109
Emily Shick Para Educator 7000
Thomas Shupp Custodian II 7000
Rheann Simantel Classified Nurse 7163
Tara Soske Mental Health Specialist 7019
Ashley Sloan Para Educator 7000
Rachel Smith World Languages Teacher 7060
Tina Smith Special Education Teacher 7127
Kevin Snyder Custodian II 7000
Benji Sonnichsen Health and Fitness Teacher 7124
Kellie Spiger DLC Para Educator 7000
Raymond Starkey Para Educator 7000
David Stedman Social Studies Teacher 7159
Erin Stephens Para Educator 7000
Sara Stillian Special Education Teacher 7065
Linda Stomps Para Educator 7000
Michael Stovern English Teacher 7051
Adam Strate Counselor 7030
Norma Stroeher Para Educator 7074
Jean Strom Cook 7015
Randy Swanson Custodian II 7000
Jason Tebbets Math Teacher 7006
Jared Thomas Para Educator 7000
Colleen Thornton College and Career Counselor 7026
Mayme Tollefsen Cook II 7015
Scott Tubbs DLC Para Educator 7000
Kathleen Tucker Cook III 7015
Susan Underwood Para Educator 7169
Valerie Vansickle Hutchison Para Educator 7014
Christopher Waddell Social Studies Teacher 7070
Lauren Walter Art Teacher 7132
Dori Whitford English Teacher 7071
Jesse Wilhelm Para Educator 7000
Shawn Wilson Science Teacher 7076
Keely Wines Para Educator 7073
Denise Zucchetto Para Educator 7000