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Philosophy and Expectations

Coaching Philosophy:

Strive to work within the Athletic Philosophy of Mead School District. Underlying my philosophy in coaching is that participation in sports is an integral part of the educational process. Looking to build a competitive program while providing foundation and experience that will allow players to grow and develop.


 Program Goals:

To provide a program that enables players to learn about leadership, responsibility, accountability, and sportsmanship.


Guiding Principles:


  • Mental Toughness: Staying focused and finding the extra effort to succeed during the difficult times.
  • Confidence: This is found in yourself, not in the actions of others.
  • Program: You are playing for the school, teammates, and community; not just yourself.
  • Reliability: Be prepared and be on time.
  • Conduct: Sportsmanship at all times (dignity in winning and defeat).
  • Fitness: Acknowledging that soccer success depends on being fit.
  • Skills Development: Realize that being the best is always working on the basics.
  • One vs. One: Have the competitive will to defeat every opponent.
  • Nutrition: Eat and drink with your health and fitness in mind.
  • Academics: D or F grades are not an option.
  • Practice: We train with intensity!
  • Games: Always playing to achieve success in games and never giving up.


Player Expectations


  • Players must have 10 practices before playing in first game.
  • Players not attending practice day before a game due to illness or injuries are not eligible for that game.
  • Players injured and cannot practice due to doctors orders, must have written medical clearance before resuming practice.
  • Players receiving any type of concussion (mild or serious) must have written permission by medical specialist before being allowed to participate again. Training based on input from trainer and concussion IMPACT tests.
  • Players getting suspended from school must sit out the length of their suspension.
  • Players are expected to be in ALL of their classes daily to participate in practice or games.
  • Only doctor appointment with note from doctor will be excused. Parental Discretion (PD) is NOT excusable. Players CANNOT practice or play in games.



  • Be dressed and ready to warm up at 2:50 pm.
  • ALL Players MUST wear shinguards during training. NO shinguards means NO practice!!
  • Training times will run till 4:20-4:30, but at discretion of coaches.
  • All players are expected to contribute to equipment duties.



  • Away games, players need to be on time for buses. The bus will leave without you. All players must ride on bus to be eligible to play. Players will not play if driven by a parent or themselves.
  • It is expected that all players will support, cheer, and encourage each other during the game.
  • It is expected that you ride back on the bus. If not, fill out “transportation request form” for EVERY game. NO handwritten notes will be accepted at the game for players to ride home with parents. ** If a medical situation arises from playing in the game, then coach discretion. **


Team Discipline:

  • Illegal Substances: Players attending parties where drugs, tobacco, or alcohol are present will face the same discipline action as those who are caught using drugs or alcohol.
    • 20-40-100% Rule for Suspension (school district).
    • Upon returning to the team, player may practice with the team.
    • Player’s playing time/position may be effected.
    • Varsity players may forfeit nomination for All-GSL selection.
  • Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB): Zero Tolerance. Immediate dismissal from program. This includes any social media postings that is found to be (HIB).
  • Conduct: If there are discipline problems or inappropriate behavior, it is the coach’s discretion as to the proper disciplinary action.