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Running Start

Is Running Start right for me?
Successful Running Start students have good study skills, self-discipline, and motivation. It is a great opportunity for high school students seeking greater academic challenges. It can also be a good alternative for students who find the traditional high school experience does not meet their needs. Running Start students need to be prepared for the independence, fast pace, and time demands of college classes. Parents should be aware that Community College classes and programs occasionally tackle sensitive subjects, and class discussions are open and candid. Running Start students follow the College Academic Calendar. Therefore, spring and winter breaks may be different from the high school. It is their job to attend class, seek academic help, and address any problems directly with the instructors. As mandated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act student records are confidential and can only be accessed by the student.

What are the benefits of Running Start?
• Students and families can save thousands in tuition dollars and reach educational goals sooner.
• Students can take classes not offered at their high schools to advance their education.
• Students have more flexibility in choosing classes.

What are the challenges of Running Start?
• College classes are taught at a faster pace than high school, often covering as much material in one quarter as most high school classes cover in one year.
• Classes require more study time and homework than High School.
• Students must fulfill all high school graduation requirements.
• Students must pay for lab and tech fees, books, supplies, and transportation. Lab and tech fees must also be paid each quarter unless the student has documentation they receive free and reduced meals from the high school.
• Grades become part of your permanent record at both college and high school.

How many credits can I take at SFCC?
Visit your high school counselor and complete the Enrollment Verification Form to see the amount of tuition free college credits you are eligible to take. Credits above the allowable amount result in tuition charges. College classes below 100 level will also result in tuition charges. The Enrollment Verification Forms must be turned in to the Running Start office every quarter before you will be unblocked for class registration.
Is the A.A. Degree available to Running Start students, and will credits earned from SFCC transfer to other institutions?
The Associate of Arts-Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) is a community college degree designed to transfer to most public and private four year institutions. SFCC offers a variety of other Degrees and Certificates. Credits earned from SFCC can transfer to other colleges and universities according to the guidelines of the receiving institution. Students are encouraged to contact prospective colleges for transfer policies.
How are my credits calculated for high school graduation?
Completed college classes may earn both high school and college credit. A five-credit class at the college equals one full high school credit. Graduation requirements are established by each high school. Students must consult their high school counselors and their Course Equivalency Guide to determine graduation requirements.
Are placement tests for Math and English required?
The COMPASS English Test is not required if you have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. A copy of your high school transcript must be sent to the Testing Center for evaluation. Students with less than a 3.5 cumulative GPA are required to take the COMPASS English Test. Study guides for the COMPASS English Test are available online. The Math Placement Test (MMT) is not required for eligibility, however to get a degree you will be required to take a math course, and you will need to take the MMT Math Placement Test to receive proper placement. There are two Math Pathways, select a pathway before taking the test (How to Choose the Right Math Pathway). You need to attend a MyMath Activation Seminar, and do the practice modules to prepare for the test. If you have taken Pre-Calculus at the high school and received a “B” or better both semesters you can use the Pre-Calculus Agreement in place of testing. Contact the Testing Center for more information regarding placement testing.
What is the Course Equivalency Guide?
The Course Equivalency Guide lists high school requirements that must be met to receive your diploma. It also shows college courses that can be taken in place of classes at your high school. Every school has different requirements. Refer only to the Course Equivalency Guide for your high school when determining which college courses you should take to fulfill requirements. The Course Equivalency Guide will be provided to you at the seminar, or you can request a copy from your high school counselor.
What is the Enrollment Verification Form?
The Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) is used to determine how many credits you are eligible to take at the college tuition free. The number of tuition free credits is based on the number of classes you are enrolled in at the high school. Once you are accepted into the program, schedule a meeting with your high school counselor to discuss classes and complete the Enrollment Verification Form. We encourage you to turn in the EVF during your Running Start Seminar. You will not be able to register for classes until this form has been turned in to the Running Start office. You must turn in the EVF every quarter. The due dates for the EVF are posted online under the Current Students Tab.
What types of services and programs are available to students?
Students have many resources available to them, including SFCC Peer Tutoring, eTutoring, and the Math Learning Center. Support and resources are also available through Multicultural Services and LGBTQIA. Students with a documented disability can receive services by contacting SFCC’s Disabilities Services Department. Running Start students are allowed to participate in any clubs and activities on campus, with the exception of Intercollegiate Athletics due to WIAA rules.
How do I know what books to purchase?
Contact the SFCC Bookstore for dates when books will be available. Search for books you need for classes onTextbook Express. You may also provide a copy of your schedule to the bookstore employees and they will be able to assist you.

Attached is information on starting the Running Start enrollment process.