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Panther PIE [Partners in Education]

Dear Potential Panther Partner,


As you already know, Mead is a tight-knit community composed of much more than students and staff, and we’re thankful you’re part of it. A variety of these local businesses and organizations play a key role in sustaining the vision of Mead High School--promoting a sense of belonging while developing the mind, heart, and spirit of ALL. We are excited to partner with YOU!


What does it look like to partner with Mead High School? Panther Partners in Education (PIE) support the mission in some of the following ways:


Academic Support
Honor Roll Celebration
National Honor Society
Athletic Support (i.e., Booster Club, Tailgates, etc.)
Discounts for Patrons
Drawings / Giveaways:
Weekly Student Drawings over the intercom for all to hear! (see slip below)
Staff Giveaways
That’s just the start!
  • We believe public schools are meant to be the hub of the community, so we’d like to bring you in. We also believe partnering with YOU makes US better. How about a piece of the Panther PIE for you? How would you like to get involved? Contact me at 509.465.7005 or


Thank you to the following partners: