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Which door do I enter?

Not sure where to enter? We will open them to check in at 7:50am. Drop off in the student (east) lot.

Check it out here:

Daily Health Attestation Survey...

Didn't get the email survey? No problem. Every evening before the school day, parents need to "attest" to their child's health by completing the Daily Symptom Check survey through an online service that is sent via email. It will then continue to get sent Monday through Thursday for the rest of the week. Staff also attest to their own health.

Daily Health Attestation Survey Information

Prior to midnight before an in-person school day, parents need to "attest" to their child's health by completing the Daily Health Attestation Survey through an online service that will be sent to them via email or text at 3:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Read more...

Parking--No Rush!

We had long lines today--but no rush. Hang tight. If you do want to get it done, keep in mind we will be social distancing even in line, with masks on, and working through it.

Wednesday 8-noon - closed noon-1:00
Thursday 8-2:00 - closed noon-1:00
Friday 8-2:00 - closed noon-1:00

Click through for details.

2020-2021 Reopening Plan

To provide flexibility, the Mead School Board has approved offering a choice in learning options to its families. The district will offer daily in-person learning for grades K-5 and a rotating in-person schedule for grades 6-12. Additionally, remote online learning options are available. Read more . . .
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