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4th Annual Mead School District Robotics Competition

The Robots will be required the complete the following challenges:

Robots will navigate autonomously along a line drawn on the floor with no outside help, they will also need to navigate autonomously through a hallway using only ultra-sonic sensors. Following these two autonomous section the teams will transition to the Remote controlled phase. In the first section Drivers will stand/sit in a “blacked out” cubical and navigate a maze by using a camera temporarily mounted on their robot. Images from the camera will be displayed on a TV inside the cubical. Next drivers maneuver their Robots over the obstacles, arranged in a random order on the day of the competition. And the last, and newest challenge this year, Robots will be required to use a VEX claw to pick up assorted rods one at a time from floor containers, then transport them, one at a time up a ramp to a platform, and deposit that rod in a guardrail holder.

This has proven to be a wild and crazy event with team making last minute changes both with the robot and the code to run their robot. Bring the entire family and enjoy a high energy, fun packed event.

See you on Feb 21st!