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Seniors! FAFSA/WAFSA Opened October 1st

SENIORS- FAFSA/WAFSA opened October 1st

FAFSA stands for "Free Application for Federal Student Aid." Turning in the FAFSA is your first step in finding out how much student money you may be entitled to. Much of it is free money to assist you attending college. You just need to fill out an application to see how you qualify. [Check out this presentation regarding financial aid).  The WASFA is the Washington Application for State Financial Aid; it is the gateway to state and institutional money to pay for college for any student who is ineligible for federal financial aid due to immigration status. 

Not planning on attending a 4-year institution? It is a common myth that only 4-year university-bound students need to fill out the FAFSA. The FAFSA can pay for many trade school programs as well as apprenticeships and community college.

Not sure what to do after graduation? Fill out the FAFSA! You want all your options available to you.