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2020-21 Jazz Choir--Audition Information

Mead HS Jazz Choir Auditions

The prestigious Mead HS Jazz Choir is holding auditions for the 2020-21 school year. We are looking for top-notch musicians, creative thinkers, leaders, learners, innovators, artists, athletes, and most importantly, team players. That could be you.

Jazz Choir Auditions for 2020-21 have gone virtual!

  • Audition materials will be released May 25th.
  • Submissions close June 5th.
  • During the week of June 1-5 you will be expected to attend a Zoom interview 1:1 with Mrs. McKinney.
  • Due to the challenges of singing together from a distance, this year’s auditions will be entirely solo/1:1; there will be no group portions.
  • All audition materials and instructions can be accessed in Google Drive, link below. Start by looking through the PDF audition info packet.
  • Packets are also available hard copy at Mead HS, but there are part-learning resources in the Google Drive so I suggest you still access it for those recordings even if you’ll be using a hard copy of the instructions and music. 
  • If you have trouble accessing any of the materials for any reason, contact director Emily McKinney at

Google Drive with Materials: