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Mead High School Dance Team - Virtual Tryout Information

Hi Everyone! 
Below is all the information you will need for our virtual tryout. Please read this email in its entirety; we will be paying close attention to your ability to follow instructions properly and fully. In your audition video please wear black leggings and a fitted black top. NO crop tops or shorts. Please wear jazz shoes or you can be barefoot. Hair should be up in a slick, high ponytail or bun with no fly away hairs. Absolutely no jewelry (including but not limited to, ear or facial piercings, belly button piercing, anklets, chokers/necklaces, wrist bands, etc.).
For virtual auditions you will be ask to submit a video of a high kick combo, dance technique splits, turns, and jumps, and a jazz/pom dance. Videos of all of these elements are found below under the "Audition Video Instructions" section of this email. All videos should be submitted via YouTube using the "unlisted" button under "privacy". Unlisted videos on YouTube can ONLY be viewed by people you share the link with; this feature will help maintain the integrity of our auditions as only Coach Kathryn will receive the link and be able to view your videos. PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO ENSURE THAT YOU FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS, DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING OUT OF YOUR AUDITION, AND THERE ARE MORE DETAILED POSTING INSTRUCTIONS AT THE END OF THE EMAIL.
Below is a brief video me explaining some helpful tips and guidelines for our virtual auditions; please watch it in it's entirety and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck everyone; I can't wait to see your videos!
Audition Video Instructions:
1. Introduction: Please begin your video with a brief introduction including the following things:
  • Your full name (plus what nickname you most commonly go by and would like to be called)
  • What grade you will be in next year
  • Why do you want to be on the Mead High School Dance Team?
  • What does commitment and responsibility mean to you?
  • What do you believe the role of a Mead High School athlete is, and how will you fit that role?
  • RETURNERS ONLY: What is one thing you feel you did well this past year, what is one personal goal you have for next season, and what do you hope to contribute to the team atmosphere.
  • POTENTIAL NEW DANCERS: What do you hope to learn as a dance team member, what is one personal goal you have for next season, and what do you hope to contribute to the team atmosphere.
2. Parent/guardian verbal consent: Please have a parent or guardian introduce themselves and read the following statement:
  • My name is _____________________, and my child, _____________________, has my permission to be a dance team member at Mead High School. I understand and give my permission to participate in the virtual tryout process run by Kathryn Pearson. By giving my permission to try out for the Mead High School Dance Team, I am aware of the steps that follow if s/he makes the team. I understand that in order to be eligible to be on the team, my dance team candidate must submit all forms (signed contract, physical, mandatory date list) upon arrival at our first team meeting. I understand that my child will be evaluated by qualified judges and we agree to abide by the decision of the judges and coaching staff. All questions regarding team decisions will be communicated via email to Coach Kathryn with athletic director John Barrington CC'd. 
3. Kicks Combo:
  • Watch the above link and learn this kick combo. This is a shorter version of a kick combo we would do in our kick routines. This combo is done without music. The person videoing you needs to count for you (instructions on this are given in the video).  
4. Technique Skills TURNS
  • Please watch the above video to see the 3 required turns you must show and the 2 optional turns you can show (this is an audition so don't hold back-show us what you can do).
  • Please show your double or triple pirouette on the right and left and your single or double pique turns on the right and left. The required needle turn can be shown either right or left. All of this is verbally explained in the video.
  • Please see the video for the instructions for the optional turns.
  • Please intro each turn before you do them.
5. Technique Skills SPLITS, JUMPS, & LEAPS
  • Please watch the above video to see the 3 required splits (right, left, center), 3 required jumps (C jump, firebird, toe touch), and 3 required leaps (split leap, calypso, straddle leap) you must show and the 1 optional leap (switch leap) you can show (this is an audition so don't hold back-show us what you can do).
  • Please follow the instructions for showing all 3 splits that are explained in the video.
  • Each jump must be shown TWICE; firebirds must be shown twice on the right and twice on the left.
  • Each leap must be shown TWICE on the right AND twice on the left.  
  • Please see the video for the instructions for the optional leap and optional tumbling (ONLY show if you can safely and consistently tumble)
  • Please intro each split, jump, and leap before you do them.
 6. Jazz/Pom Dance
  • Please watch the above videos and learn the choreography to our jazz/pom audition dance. The first link is the dance broken down by counts and the second link is the dance shown full out with music.
  • The dance is to Lady Gaga's new song Stupid Love which can be found on any music streaming device. 
  • Please show this dance WITH music TWICE with lots of engery and facial expressions.
Once your video is complete, with all title slides, and in the correct order (I suggest using imovie on your phone or computer), please upload the video to YouTube. Please make sure to select "unlisted" under the visibility settings - to ensure that only people you share the link with (aka the Coach Kathryn) can view the video. This is VERY important to ensure that this is a closed audition and to protect each dancer auditioning. The last step is to email Coach Kathryn your video at
Once you have submitted your video your tryout is complete and no changes can be made. Your Video link must be submitted no later than 12:00pm Noon on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Videos may be submitted early, however I highly suggest taking the full time to practice all elements in your video.
Following this email, you will each receive a follow up email with your tryout number. This number will be used to announce the team. Please do not share your number with others. The team will be announced June 2, 2020.
TECHNIQUE TUESDAYS - June 23, 30, July 14, 21, August 4, 11      9:00 am - 11:00 am
TEAM CAMP DATES - July 20 - 22 & August 10 - 12     12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
I know that this process is completely different than anything we have done before, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions or clarification. Good luck everyone, we are so excited to see your tryout videos!
Go Panthers & Happy Dancing!
Kathryn Pearson
(509) 723-6826