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Guidance Curriculum

The counseling staff at MHS works with students to complete a High School and Beyond Plan. WOIS is the primary program that we use for career and college exploration. Utilizing WOIS, counselors’ help students explore careers, create goals for their future, make educational plans to reach their goals, and find training programs and the right schools to achieve their dreams. WOIS can be accessed from home at The program focuses on course planning, career planning and life planning.

Grade Level Goals:
Grade 9: What Will I Do With My Life?
Students begin the exploration stage by completing a career interest inventory in WOIS and exploring a variety of occupations. Students compare and contrast different careers and identify a variety of educational and training programs.

Making the Most Out of High School.
Students are introduced to all the general information regarding graduation and college admission requirements. Students create a high school and beyond plan that aligns with these aspirations.

Grade 10: Which Training Plan Is Best For Me?
Students continue to research their interests, major areas of study and potential future educational institutions. Students complete WOIS’s Reality Check to explore what life is like after high school, how much money they may need to earn to cover expenses, and which occupations will support this lifestyle.

Assessing My Progress.
Sophomores will review graduation and college admission requirements to identify their progress. Students will update their high school and beyond plan and plan future coursework to meet these goals.

Grade 11: Career and College Preparation
In the junior year, students narrow down their interests, set goals, and begin preparing to achieve those goals. Students will receive an overview of the college admissions process, information on college prep testing requirements, scholarship and financial aid information. Junior are invited to take the PSAT or ASVAB test and attend the Spokane College Fair.

Knowing What You Need
Juniors will review progress met towards graduation and admission requirements and update their high school and beyond plan. Students will review the Minimum college admission requirements (CADR’s) and plan a senior course load that aligns with their future goals.

Grade 12: Postsecondary Transitions
In the senior year, students take their goals and make them a reality. Seniors will ensure that graduation requirements are being met and will update their high school and beyond plan. Students will start the college admissions process, complete college prep testing requirements and follow a senior timeline to reach their goals. Seniors will receive guidance on scholarships and financial aid. Additional assistance is available through the FASFA Night and Spokane College Fair.