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College Entrance Testing

When to Take College Admissions Tests
The senior year can be overwhelming with college applications, FAFSA, scholarships, senior activities, don't wait to take College Admissions tests. In addition, the best time to apply to colleges and universities is early in the senior year (September or October), so have your testing done before your senior year. Here are some general suggestions:

Sophomore year: 

  • Focus on challenging yourself in both your English and Math classes. If you can push yourself to take honors courses in these areas if possible. 
  • Some students who are accelerated in math, taking Algebra 2 during sophomore year may want to consider taking the PSAT test in October. 

Junior year:

  • Begin practicing during the summer, using preparation books (library or bookstore) or online resources
  • PSAT/NMSQT in October (this year, prepare yourself and take practice tests)
  • SAT:
    • If you take Algebra 2 in your Sophomore year, you can take the SAT any time during the year
    • If you take Algebra 2 in your Junior year, wait until March, April, May, or June 
    • Make sure to prepare before, using PSAT results, Khan Academy free test prep, and practice books
  • ACT:
    • If you take Algebra 2 in your Sophomore year, you can take the SAT any time during the year
  • Retake the ACT and SAT in June.  Most students find their scores increase the second time they take a test during the year

Senior year:

  • Retake any exams early in the year if you need a higher score (for admissions or scholarships)

Community Colleges
Community colleges do not require an ACT or an SAT, but they do utilize your high school transcript (last math and english course taken and grades) to determine academic placement. Please check with your chosen community college for more information.

Test Dates, Prep & Registration

Test Preparation Resources 

Khan Academy -

  • Official SAT Practice
  • Connects to your PSAT score
  • Diagnostic and customizable 

ACT Academy - 

  • Free, personalized ACT prep
  • Videos
  • Activities

March2Success -

  • 7 full-length SAT practice tests
  • 7 full-length ACT practice tests
  • SAT/ACT Flashcards
  • Zero Hour Threat Test Prep Games

PrepFactory -

  • SAT & ACT Prep
  • Practice Test

AP - AP Testing Information

Why Take AP Classes & AP Exams

FEE WAIVERS: SAT and ACT fee waivers are available for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch. Please see your counselor or the college and career center counselor to receive a waiver. Students who qualify for test fee waivers are eligible for college application fee waivers and AP test fee waivers, as well.